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Come On Aussie API

Key Features

  • API creates JSON data feeds of Australian Website Listings

  • Web Developer (php/cgi/JSON) expertise needed

  • Can be used to create a variety of content on your own site

  • All searches are in real time (although content could be cached)

  • Free to use (attribution required)

  • Your project must be "approved" to be issued with a key

  • Send details of your project to api @ to get your key

  • Test Key limited to first 50 results/query

  • Production Key limited to first 300 results/query

The Come On Aussie API generates JSON data feeds from the main index of Australian websites that are listed @

Interested website owners are permitted to use our data feeds to generate up-to-date Australian content on their own websites.

To do this, your web developer WILL need to understand how to call and parse a JSON feed, and then display the results on your web page.

We provide no instruction on how to do that... other than the information provided on these pages which explains the various ways you can interrogate the data.

Want to Use Our Feed?

If you would like to use our JSON data feed, you MUST make an email application to api @, outlining details of your project, including the URL you would like to use our information on.

Initially, you will be issued with a "test" API key, which will allow you to run limited searches so you can understand how the whole system works.

Once your are happy with your development, please let us know that you are ready for a "production" key... and once we check your project meets our terms and conditions, that key will be issued.


The difference between a "test" key and a "production" key is simply the total number of search results returned, as outlined below:

  • Test Key - limited to the first 50 search results per query
  • Production Key - limited to the first 300 results per query

There is also a maximum number of "results per page" (50), and "total pages" (20) that can be retrieved. Assuming you ask for 15 results/page... that will allow 20 pages before the 300 limit is exceeded... or @ 20/page = 15 pages in total etc. Asking for a page bigger than allowed could generate an unexpected response :)

Why the Limits?

We believe 300 results (if available) should provide more than enough "results" for a successful search. Any more would simply offer no further real value to the user.

We also don't want our entire data set mined/stolen :)

The API in Action...

Currently, the API is in action on the following sites in our network:

  • Australian Road Touring News & Information
    We've just launched (June 2016) a "specialty”" directory aimed at the Australian traveller/RV market, with some great links to Caravan Parks, campgrounds, motels, hotels, cabins, B&B’s and a whole lot more... all around Australia!

  • Search Locally
    Our brand new "local search" focussed web site. Visit the Advanced Search page to see how we are using the API. There you will see the variety of search options and also the category pages currently in use. The "flexibility" of these search options means that you can use practically ANY combination available to obtain a result.

  • Give An Aussie A Go
    Our long time site (since 1999) promoting uniquely Aussie ideas, businesses, products and destinations! No bells and whistles... just keeping it simple :) Here we're essentially using a variety of Category based feeds to produce results. There is also a simple keyword search implemented.

  • Advance Australia Fair
    Since 2008 we've used this site to show the listings that have been added to Come On Aussie. Now it's a fully responsive layout using a variety of Category based feeds to produce the "search" results. A simple keyword search is also available.

We're also working on adapting several more of our own web sites to include web data drawn from the API... ensuring that each variation has enough subtle differences to ensure the search engines don't see too much of a common footprint.

Once your project is approved for a production key... we'll add it to this list... and do our bit to promote your project through our normal channels :)

What Now?

Get your "test" API key...

Send your email application to api @, outlining details of your project, including the URL you would like to use our information on.

Visit the API page which outlines the various fields used and how you can manipulate the data set.

Stephen Spry

P.S. As the content is Australian based, our API is ideally for Australian web developers to use in projects relevant to Australia. That could mean that "international" projects may not be approved.

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